love does hurt.

love does hurt. your heart doesn't have to be broken just for love to hurt. your heart can also feel weird stuff like being nervous or worried or paranoid. then you feel sad and lonely. and of course, you hurt. there would also be times you can't keep it all inside and just have to cry to let it all out. you see, i have always had a funny picture of love in my head. and somehow, i thought that loving someone and try to give your all is enough. they say that being loved by the one you love is everything and such a wonderful feeling. and it truly is. it means a lot. but somehow, life has a funny way of letting me know how love feels. i envy people who are relationships and are just so happy to be in love with not much problems to deal with. i'm not saying i'm not happy to be in love. i am. very much. but it seems that we just don't run out of trials and problems we have to deal with. we have both worked so hard to try to make this last. and it is really hard. it's tiring and there are times you just want to give up but of course, you won't. i really hope that all our hard work wouldn't go to waste. i so want this to work and last a lifetime. no matter how long i will have to have to wait and work on this. after all, nobody said love was easy, they only say it was worth it.

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love hurts. hmmm.... do you think it is trying to tell me something??

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don't be such a snob

i just hate when people talk about me and don't even really know me. it's so annoying. i don't really know as well, that's why i don't really want it to be a big thing. but it's just so damn annoying. think i wouldn't be able to hear it or understand it. for crying out loud, they were staring at me and speaking in tagalog. of course, i would understand it. maybe they were just saying i was filipina. but if they were something otherwise, screw them. buwahaha. maybe it was about my friend i was with. but i doubt it.

one thing i hate about people is when they think they are all that and that they are superior to look down on people. they have no idea what they are doing and the effect it has on people. along with that, i also hate the way they actually stare at you as if something is wrong with you.

and honestly, times like this, i wish i wasn't here in the first place. i would just hate it.

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my horoscopes for today.

one habit we have is to look at our horoscopes. they always give away free newspapers at the tube stations. too bad i don't take the tube going the school. so i'd have this everyday. and of course, sudoku fun. hahaha.

hmmm.. this just has got me thinking.

don't give up. hold on. the only thing that comes to mine is our relationship. this long distance relationship is really hard. sooo hard. yes, i'm tempted to give up. to let go. i'm so confused if i should continue fighting for this. but like what it says 'don't give up' and even if it's hard, even if it i want him so much that it hurts to not be beside him that i cry. i'm not gonna give up. i'm not gonna give you up. i'm not gonna give US up. not now. not ever. i'm holding on tightly so please don't ever let go.

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My Celebrity Look-alikes

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it's still beating....

my heart is tired. i've been working so hard to keep relationships intact. sometimes i think i should leave it all to fate because that would be easier. what will happen will happen. but then, i would be stuck waiting for something that may not ever happen. that's the sad side of being a hopeless romantic. you tend to have high expectations when it comes to loving you. however the cheesiest lines or the simplest craziest thing done for you is enough to keep you happy. i'm tired of doing almost everything even though i actually love doing it. in a way, i'm tired of loving. i'm not saying i don't want to love anymore. all i want is to be loved. without having to do so much. to have someone doing the things i do for me, for us. i'm also not saying that i'm giving up. i cannot. i won't. not now. after all i've done and all we've been through. it's too late to give up now. i'm only human so i get tired too. i'm not some sort of robot that is programmed to do things. even robots need to be charged to function. i don't really know. maybe i'm scared. i'm scared that all this hard work i'm doing would go to a waste. i don't want all my sacrifices to just lose its meaning and all this fighting and waiting be of no significance. i can't be certain what is gonna happen tomorrow or next week or next month or after six years. the one thing i'm certain of now is that this feeling is stronger than it has ever been and i wouldn't have it any other way.

you see, all i want is someone who sends me cards on my birthday, valentines, anniversaries, christmas or just because he wants me to know how much he misses me in letters. i want someone who would call me in the middle of the night from where he is, because it is early morning where i am, just to tell me 'i love you' and to hear my voice. i want someone who would stay up late just to go online to chat with me. i want someone who would send me gifts even if it costs him alot of money just to make me happy. i want someone who would proudly keep telling his friends about me. i want someone who would willingly give up his life for me because he'd rather die than live without me. i simply want someone who would love me more than i can ever love him. most of all, i just want to be happy in love. no doubts. no uncertainties. no pain. no hardship. just love, good times and one another.

but then again, despite all that, i just want you. enough said.

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"stand outside this evening. look at the stars. know that you are special and loved by the One who created them."

i like this little cartoon because it seems to be something i like to do nowadays. go stargazing by myself. actually, stare at the stars and wish how life would be different and easier. think about my friends back home and of course, my boyfriend. i don't know but somehow, when i look at the stars, it makes me feel closer to home. to actually be under the same big sky and the stars. i just want to see a shooting star. so that i could wish all my worries away. and i could wish that i would be where i want to be. some place that's far from here.

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Should you be friends with your Ex?

By Emily Battaglia, LifeScript Staff Writer
Wednesday, March 21, 2007

“I still want to be friends.” “We’re better as friends than lovers.” Those words are the kiss of death in many relationships. Are they simply said to soften the blow or are they genuine? Even with the best of intentions, it’s tough to become buddies after a breakup. According to a 2004 poll, 48% of people surveyed said they remained friends with their ex. And 18% of those surveyed said that they’ve tried, but it didn’t work. Can you really be friends with a former lover? Find out now. Plus: Are you over your ex?

There’s no way around it – breaking up is hard to do, as most of us know from first-hand experience. Ending a relationship is especially painful when you’ve invested a lot of time and emotional energy.

Naturally, the thought of never seeing or speaking to your loved one again is scary. That’s why so many couples want to remain friends. And that’s why so many women believe a platonic relationship is better than losing someone entirely.

continuation: just click below.

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halo-halo in springtime.

argh..why does this monday have to be soo bad? okay, so this morning i had to take the bus to college because they used the car to pick up my dad from the airport. yes, he has arrived from the philippines. so anyway, i left home in time to get on the bus. so here i was on the bus and then when the bus making a turn, the side mirror of a car went flying to the other side of the road. as in whoa. haha. so when the bus took another turn, the car followed and stopped the bus i was oh. sh*t. i was thinking, 'gawd, i'm gonna be late if they don't hurry up'. so i just switched bus and arrived at college early. what's with monday mornings? everyone's just out of their minds.


is it me or is it just because it's a monday? crap. i feel so down and sad. but not because i'm homesick. you know there are days when you just feel like something's wrong but you just don't know what. maybe it's because of his text. i felt insecure and uncertain of things. i did want history to repeat itself again. as it has done so many times before. maybe i wanted to always be part of his life. and for that moment i may have lost part in that. then i realized i lost my bracelet with a heart and i just love. it's even new. double crap.


Sunny: hey super geek!
Anna: what's your problem super nerd?
S: what did you get for c1?
A: tell me what you got first.
S: oh, come on. don't be a fish. i asked first.
A: i am not a fish.
S: ...
A: if i'm a fish, you know already you're a monkey.
S: fine.


the weather's really wierd. damn global warming. hahaha. last week it was almost like summer. you could feel the heat coming on. but today it was just so damn cold!! i had to wear my winter jacket again. another wierd thing was that it rained for a few minutes. then the sun shined. then it snowed a little. then sunshine. lastly hail. ouch. then of course sunny day again. it's just so funny thinking about it. weatherman said it was also gonna snow this week. have to get ready for that. but then again, the weatherman is not reliable that much anymore. poor weatherman. haha.


did i ever say that statistics is booring?! as in. i'm not saying easy. there's a difference. all i'm saying is that it's booooring...zzzz. haha.


"so she's brazilian, she's indian, philippinian and iranian.." "huh? wait..philippinian? me? there's no such word." hahaha! every time i think about it, people keep saying either i'm philippinian or philippinian food. and i'm keep saying 'there's no such word as philippinian'. and then i go teaching the right words to say. even my teacher said philippinian. funny. haha. well what can i say? i'm proud to be philippinian!! haha.

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My Celebrity Look-alikes

My cool celebrity look-alike collage from Get one for yourself.

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mixed thoughts.

it's tuesday again. crap. i'd hate it completely if i didn't get to talk to him early this morning. that's my consolation for such a bad day.


it's seems everybody's just so busy. it's quite hard to get to talk to people nowadays. they're either busy with requirements for school or busy studying for exams. it's funny how life keeps us busy with totally different things. but sadly, i can't help but be sort of laid back at times. which i really hate that about myself at times. argh. gotta get some work done.


oh besh, my gahd, i missed you. talking to you last sunday was such a good thing. a little catching up. it made me think back on times before. i missed going out with you and simply hanging out, non-stop chikahan and chillin. haay. those were the easier times. i super appreciate the honesty you have and the frankness you always bring. i like that about you. naks. hehe. you take care always, ok? i'll always be here if ever you need me. i love you besh. miss you. *bigbearhugs*


monday's are totally loong. and boring. i come in early to a subject that is boooring. then i wait almost 3hours for another subject that is pointless, which is accounting of course. let me see. monday's accounting is the most wasted time ever. first of all, we have the lesson in the biology lab. we waste 30 minutes on register, making plans and settling down in the classroom. someone is always late so gives them time to be marked in. aside from that, our class is multi-lingual. there are people speaking persian, albanian, vietnamese and even cantonese. maybe by the end of my second year in accounting, i know how to speak one or two of these languages. hahaha. and oh, there are also screaming and fighting and bullying in my class. and before i forget, of course, eating and non-stop talking. the teacher can't help but turn red every lesson. which is funny. hahaha.


sometimes i can't believe that i'm actually in a long-distance relationship. sometimes it seems so surreal. and believe it or not, it has been almost seven months already and we're still here. it's really funny sometimes when i look back on what has happened and then i look at what we have now. it's just wierd and crazy. and believe me when i say i'm happy. i hope he's really happy too. through all of the hard times we have been through, i think this is the hardest. and i'm praying that we see this through. i am telling you this is hard. gaahd. sometimes we don't get to talk for a week. and it's hard not to be worried and scared. but somehow this is working for us. i don't know exactly how. but yeah, it's working. i just hope this time, it lasts.


last friday, my dad left for the philippines for a week because of a seminar. and we were there to see him off. gahd, was i jealous!! i was wishing that it was me. i wanted that to be me going on the plane and on the way home. argh!! i am so homesick!! if you only knew what it really is like. waaaah. have you ever watched the movie, love actually? at the beginning and end of the film, it showed an airport where people were either leaving or coming home. what i liked about that scenes was that it was so real. that people coming home were welcomed with loving arms. awwww... when will that be me?? i'm keeping my fingers crossed for this summer.


i just want to tell you bu, i love you so much. now, more than ever. i'm never felt this secure and content about our relationship. i'm always thinking about you and missing you sooo much. of course, i'm also always praying for us. you take care always there. no chicks!! it's bad for your health. haha. i love you. *muwah*

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My Celebrity Look-alikes

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exactly what i need

"sometimes it is so easy to think of giving up on someone we love. but the real measure of love is in choosing to stay in a relationship even when there seems to be no reason left for us to. when we cannot find a reason to love someone anymore, then that is the time when we have to teach ourselves to love some more, and give some more."

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